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cultural korea open internet economics cellular telephone over‑the‑top services diplomatic relations us department of commerce united states technology internet worm digital crimes unit cyber artificial intelligence CERT dynamic coalition hard law provisions internet rights and principles coalition internet governance discourse agenda setting coalition on internet and climate change environmental issue scientist digital library ad hoc working group android online protection internet watch foundation jacqueline beauchere internet security capability building the anisa review lacnog local content library of alexandria multilingual web site trinidad and tobago indies ttnic administrator internet society trinidad and tobago chapter networks internet protocol isps dns server Geneva microsoft web accessibility dynamic coalition on accessibility and disability encryption technology the marcos review international development research center publicly subsidized technology representative gac 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intelligence choice architecture multistakeholderism social economic internet Internet ecosystem SIDS multistakeholder cooperation intermediaries good practice librarians cctld security dns security UDRP NOG companies operators community AfIGF security access research users research methods evidence-based policy globalisation children's rights governance policies free flow of content open internet models consumer trust root technology innovation africa connected ICT for development inclusion digital accessibility IoT multistakeholder model M2M open data data publishing big data age data-driven economy mobile privacy responsibility digital trust outreach IPV6 best practice sharing civil liberties safeguards globalization access internet policy due process digital copyright mobile internet offensive speech accountability NCUC parallel universes international treaty due process intellectual property rights mapping project youth privacy development privacy governance payment 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