Content for Development: Diversifying the Global Content and Apps Market

3 September 2014 - A Workshop on Other in Istanbul, Turkey


IGF 2014 sub theme that this workshop fall under

Content Creation, Dissemination and Use


The development of local content and applications are key drivers to spur the development of the Internet economy. However, a closer look at content and apps production reveals that the majority of content is produced by a few leading economies. A very moderate level of content is produced IN emerging and developing economies FOR these economies. In addition, apart from some few successful applications and content platforms, the local content and applications market has not scaled up in emerging countries and is currently fragmented.

Existing studies in Asia and Latin America have shown that a barrier to a higher adoption of the Internet and Internet services and applications, especially among low-income groups, is often that these income groups do not perceive the need of an Internet connection because no appropriate content is available for them that would add value to their businesses or lives.

If we managed to develop and promote policies that would significantly enhance content production and distribution in emerging and developing countries at a large scale, we would not only foster economic growth and social development in these countries, but also diversify the Internet economy and make it truly global.

This workshop intends to identify innovative policies and programmes that truly foster the development of content and applications in emerging and developing economies and that promote a local content ecosystem in these countries. Entrepreneurs producing local content in emerging economies will connect remotely from different continents to integrate their views on needs of developers in these economies.


1.Opening remarks on the production and distribution of local content and applications by moderator Andrew Wyckoff

2.Interventions by
a.Minister Diego Molano Vega – Local content and apps development in Colombia
b.Helani Galpaya – LIRNEasia research on developping an app ecosystem in India and Sri Lanka

3.Invitation to the entrepreneurs Indi Samarajiva and Daniel Cárdenas to report remotely about their experience

4.Interventions by
a.Bonface Witaba – Fostering content development in Africa through the FIRE program
b.Konstantinos Komaitis – ISOC’s work and partnerships for local content


Name(s) and stakeholder and organizational affiliation(s) of institutional co-organizer(s)

Verena Weber
Advisor on Internet Governance
Colombian Telecommunications Regulator – CRC

Helani Galpaya
Civil Society

Has the proposer, or any of the co-organizers, organized an IGF workshop before?


The link to the workshop report

No and yes. This is the first workshop of the Colombian government in the IGF, but the organizer is someone with previous IGF experience (Verena Weber) (Links: Workshop #209 Report - An open Internet platform for economic growth and innovation (2013):; Workshop #142 Report - Inclusive innovation for development: The contribution of the Internet and related ICTs (2012):

Type of session


Duration of proposed session

90 minutes

Subject matter #tags that describe the workshop

#LocalContent #Apps #ICT4D #Development #IGF_Cont4D

Names and affiliations (stakeholder group, organization) of speakers the proposer is planning to invite

H.E. Minister Diego Molano Vega
Minister of Information Technologies and Communications
Contacted Speaker: Yes
Confirmed Speaker: Yes

Helani Galpaya
Civil Society
Contacted Speaker: Yes
Confirmed Speaker: Yes

Bonface Witaba
Internet Governance Advocate/E-learning Tutor
Winner - FIRE program
Contacted Speaker: Yes
Confirmed Speaker: Yes

Dr. Konstantinos Komaitis
Technical Community
Policy Advisor, The Internet Society
Contacted Speaker: Yes
Confirmed Speaker: Yes

Indi Samarajiva, Entrepreneur, confirmed
Daniel Cárdenas, Entrepreneur, confirmed

Name of Moderator(s)

Andrew Wyckoff: OECD Director, Science, Technology and Industry Directorate, Int. Organization, conf

Name of Remote Moderator(s)

Verena Weber, confirmed

Description of how the proposer plan to facilitate discussion amongst speakers, audience members and remote participants

The moderator Andrew Wyckoff will set the scene with opening remarks on the production and distribution of local content and applications. He will then invite two of the speakers to make about 10 minutes of remarks on their local content and apps development programmes.

As a new innovative format, the moderator will then invite entrepreneurs from different continents to report remotely about their current needs when developing apps and local content in emerging and developing countries in order to integrate their field experience in the subsequent policy discussion. The moderator will then invite the two remaining speakers to speak about their programmes for about 10 minutes before he will ask all the panellists to present 2-3 key policies to promote the development of apps and local content IN emerging and developing economies FOR these economies. The remaining 35 minutes will be used to engage in lively discussions among speakers, audience members and the remotely connected entrepreneurs.

Preparations before the workshop will involve reaching out to all the panellists and entrepreneurs to define the substantive contributions of each of the participants. Furthermore, the feasibility of remote hubs in emerging countries will be assessed and discussants from emerging countries that participate in the IGF will be identified who will be prepared to ask questions to the panellists or contribute their expertise.

Description of the proposer's plans for remote participation

As mentioned above, entrepreneurs from different countries (e.g. India, Colombia, South Africa, Egypt) will be invited to participate remotely and report about their experiences. In addition, the feasibility of remote hubs, for instance in Colombia is assessed.

In addition, remote participation will be promoted through the use of the hashtag #IGF_Cont4D. This hashtag will be widely communicated before the workshop. Finally, relevant stakeholders will be informed about the workshop to encourage them to participate remotely.

Background paper

background paper

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