ccTLDs: Partners in Developing Local Internet Governance Literacy

3 September 2014 - A Workshop on Other in Istanbul, Turkey


IGF 2014 sub theme that this workshop fall under

IGF & The Future of the Internet Ecosystem


The successful evolution of the Internet has been depending on a flexible, decentralised, bottom-up and issue-driven set of interrelated governance processes open to participation by all stakeholders. During the past five years the dialogue on Internet governance has grown exponentially. As one of the Internet industry leader in their respective countries, most of the country code top-level domain operators have been proactively engaging in the Internet governance process. They have become one of the main avenues to reach out their local community on this matter.
The workshop aims to show best practice cases of ccTLDs that have facilitated the development of “IG-literacy” through initiatives that have contributed to feed the IG process with local input on the IG ecosystem and the need that it remains anchored to the principles of multi-stakeholderism, openness, transparency and accountability.
In the spirit and with the ultimate goal of assuring a constructive evolution of the current IG model, various ccTLDs have been playing key roles in the IG arena and helped enhancing the dialogue at multiple levels.
The workshop will be set in the form of a round table where panelists and attendees will be given ample room for discussion. Central in the discussion will be the identification of difficulties and opportunities to engage the local community in an Internet Governance debate.
A dedicated social media campaign will be enforced to ensure the broadest possible participation before, during and after the workshop.

Name(s) and stakeholder and organizational affiliation(s) of institutional co-organizer(s)

Mr. Barrack Ong'ondo Otieno
Technical Community
AfTLD - Africa Top Level Domain Organization

Mr. Don Hollander
Technical Community
APTLD - Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association

Mr. Peter Van Roste
Technical Community
CENTR - the European ccTLD organisation

Mr. Eduardo Santoyo
Technical Community
LACTLD - Latin American and Caribbean TLD Association

Has the proposer, or any of the co-organizers, organized an IGF workshop before?


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Duration of proposed session


Subject matter #tags that describe the workshop

#ccTLDs, #internetgovernance, #IGliteracy, #multistakeholder, #localcommunity

Names and affiliations (stakeholder group, organization) of speakers the proposer is planning to invite


Can ccTLD regional organisation facilitate IG literacy?

Barrack Otieno, Kenia, Technical Community, AFTLD, confirmed
Carolina Aguerre, Argentina, Technical Community, LACTLD, confirmed
Peter Van Roste, Belgium, Technical Community, CENTR, confirmed

Best Practice exchange - local IG initiatives steered by ccTLD representatives. How IG-literacy can be strengthened with the efforts of the local top-level domain industry leaders.

Hiro Hotta, Technical community, JPRS, confirmed
Ellen Strickland, Technical community, DNC, .nz, confirmed
Mikhail Medrish, Technical community, Coordination Center for TLD .ru, confirmed
Sunxian Tang, Technical community, CNNIC, confirmed

Demi Getschko, Brazil, Technical Community,, confirmed
Pierre Bonis, France, Technical Community, AFNIC, confirmed
Annebeth Lange, Norway, Technical Community, NORID, confirmed
Mohammed El-Bashir, Qatar, Technical Community, ictQatar, confirmed
Vika Mpisane, South-Africa, Technical Community, ZADNA, confirmed
Manuel Haces, Mexico, Technical Community, NIC.MX

How to involve the local Community in the IG debate?
During this session government representatives are going to be invited to confront themselves with the TLD managers and see if they can enforce joint plans of action to educate their local communities.

Name of Moderator(s)

Giovanni Seppia

Name of Remote Moderator(s)

Patrick Myles

Description of how the proposer plan to facilitate discussion amongst speakers, audience members and remote participants

A social media moderator will be added to stimulate discussion about the theme of the workshop via Twitter and Facebook. The onsite moderator will prepare a set of questions for the panelists to better understand the areas where – according to the ccTLD manager – there is still much to do for stimulating “IG-literacy” and make sure that those who become “IG-literate” can participate regularly in the IG debate. The questions will be posted on a dedicated Facebook wall that will be made available on the Facebook profiles of the ccTLD regional organisations.

Description of the proposer's plans for remote participation

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Background paper

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