Internet and Jurisdiction Project

2 September 2014 - A Flash Session on Other in Istanbul, Turkey


  • Organization
    Internet & Jurisdiction Project
  • Flash Session Title
    Internet & Jurisdiction Project 
  • Description
    The Internet & Jurisdiction Project facilitates a global multi-stakeholder dialogue process to explore the tension between the technically borderless Internet and the patchwork of national jurisdictions.

    Participants from states, international organizations, companies, civil society and the technical community are engaged in the dialogue process. The Internet & Jurisdiction Project provides a neutral platform to help frame the debate in a constructive manner and enables the discussion on the future of the cross-border Internet and jurisdiction.

    Launched in January 2012, the Internet & Jurisdiction Project facilitates the development of a due process framework to handle transborder requests related to Internet content: domain seizures, content takedowns and access to user data. 
  • Speakers
    Bertrand de LA CHAPELLE, Director, Internet & Jurisdiction Project
    Paul FEHLINGER, Manager, Internet & Jurisdiction Project
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