Orientation Session

2 September 2014 - A Main Session on Other in Istanbul, Turkey


Brief Description

Orientation sessions are intended for both newcomers to the IGF and those who are already involved but would need to get a more holistic view of Internet governance. It gathers experts, fellows, decision-makers and practitioners to engage meaningfully by discussing actors and topics related to Internet governance. The session will be interactive, educative, inclusive, at the same time creative and fun, it will be open but also guided in order to be effective.

Set up: U-shape seating

Interpretation is provided for the Orientation Session.

Participants:  Newcomers and IGFers’

Main questions:  

●        What is the history WSIS and IGF and mandate of the IGF?

●        How does diplomacy play in the global Internet governance? What are the main IG-related process and actors involved?

●        How to navigate the IGF to get the best out of it and for it?

●        How to stay involved with the IGF and IG process beyond IGF2014?

Time: 90 mins


●        Veronica Cretu, Open Government Institute, Moldova & MAG member

●        Vladimir Radunovic, DiploFoundation & MAG member

Session outline:

9.30-10.00  Part 1:  Diplomacy, process and actors

●        A brief overview of the WSIS process and other IG-related processes 

●        Role and mandate of the IGF and MAG

●        Multistakeholder model and roles

Q&A and discussion


Chengetai Masango, IGF Secretariat

Raúl Echeberría, ISOC Vice President Global Engagement

Jovan Kurbalija, DiploFoundation

Other experienced IGFers are welcomed to join


10.00-10.30  Part 2:  Navigating the IGF

●        Navigating through IGF: providing practical hints and inputs on how to navigate the IGF during the meeting; (main sessions, workshops, best practice forums, remote participation, corridors, etc.)

●        How to choose the workshops (color codes)

●        How to benefit from the IGF?

●        How to contribute to the IGF?

Q&A and discussion


Nicolas Dagostino, IGF Secretariat

Olga Cavalli, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina & MAG Member

Towela Nyirenda-Jere, NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency & MAG Member

Subi Chaturvedi, Delhi University/Media for Change

Other experienced IGFers are welcomed to join


10.30-11.00  Part 3:  Involvement beyond 2014

●        Joining the MAG and the IGF2015 preparations

●        Role of national & regional IGFs

●        Inclusiveness: Involving the persons with disabilities, youth and indigenous groups

●        Capacity building mechanisms and programmes

●        Continued Engagement - e-participation, mailing list

●        Other opportunities

Q&A and discussion


Ricardo Pedraza Barrios, CEO and Founder, LATAM Consulting Services & MAG Member

Judy Okite, Internet Governance Coordinator Free Software and Open source Foundation for Africa, Dynamic Coalitions on Disability and Accessibility & MAG Member

Ginger Paque (Remotely), Remote Participation Working Group

Deidre Williams, IG Caucus Co-coordinator

Fatima Cambronero, AGEIA DENSI Argentina & MAG Member


Tracy Hackshaw, Vice Chair Internet Society ,Trinidad & Tobago

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