Framework of Principles for the Internet

14 November 2007 - A Dynamic Coalition on Internet Governance Principles in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Framework of Principles for the Internet


1. Carlos Afonso – Planning Director, Information Network for the Third Sector(RITS), Brazil

2. Erick Iriarte Ahon – Executive Director, Alfa Redi, Peru

3. Sylvia Caras – International Disability Caucus

4. Anita Gurumurthy – Executive Director, IT for Change, Bangalore

5. Ken Lohento – CIPACO Project, Panos Institute - West Africa

6. John Mathiason – Professor of International Relations , Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs , Syracuse University, US. Also involved with the Internet Governance Project

7. Xiaofeng Tao – Deputy Director, Key Laboratory of Universal Wireless Communication (UWC), Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China


About the Dynamic Coalition

The dynamic coalition on ‘Framework of Principles for the Internet’ has the objective to understand, influence and contribute to the processes of making international laws, conventions, treaties etc in the area of Internet Governance – both of the soft law and hard law varieties – incorporating the multi-stakeholder principle. For this purpose, the coalition will explore the possibility of civil society taking the lead in collaboratively developing some overall normative principles for the Internet which can underpin such international processes, and/or themselves be adopted through a framework convention kind of a process.

About the Workshop

The present workshop will map out the objectives and work-methods of the dynamic coalition, apart from taking on substantive agenda of exploring what kind of frameworks and principles will be suitable for guiding the global public policy for the Internet. It will also seek to address the possibility of engaging with global Internet public policy processes including of the WSIS mandated ‘enhanced cooperation’.

A brief workshop report can be found at