A Safe, Secure, Sustainable Internet and the Role of Stakeholders

1 September 2014 - A Pre-event on Other in Istanbul, Turkey


Organiser: European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online


The prevailing myth that the Internet is akin to the “Wild West”, unruly and unmanageable, and that this is somehow a virtue, is outdated, at odds with the objective of creating a ubiquitous and trusted environment which everybody can use with confidence. We all want the online world to be safe just as we do the offline.

The needs and interests of a range of vulnerable groups, perhaps particularly our children, are of major concern in this context but in truth this matters to all of us both as citizens and consumers. To date, too often anyone who proposes new approaches to addressing risks and challenges on the Internet is tagged with the unjustified moniker of “censor” or as someone who wants to hamper or restrict innovation. Freedom of expression, the rule of law, and rational approaches to promote a safe, secure and sustainable Internet are mutually reinforcing, and as time moves on they have to be reconciled.

This session will discuss these challenges and look at how all stakeholders, including Internet intermediaries, have a role to play in addressing them while advancing trust in the Internet so that it can continue to flourish. Among other things specifically the meeting will address:

1. Personal data theft 

2. The consumer harm associated with counterfeit and pirate sites

3. The distribution of child abuse images online


Larry Magid, CBS Technology Correspondent


John Carr, European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online

Eric Jardine, Research Fellow, Centre for International  Governance Innovation

Shane Tews, Chief Policy Officer, 463 Communications and Visiting Fellow, Center for Internet, Communications and Technology Policy 

Ted Shapiro, Director, Incopro

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