Role of Policy Maker / Regulators in Better Governance of Internet

30 September 2011 - A Workshop on Other in Nairobi, Kenya


The choice of promoting access, openness and innovation to drive Internet and its Governance remains very much at the affirmation of national government (policy maker / regulator). The Internet as a global communication system is increasingly driving social and economical activities, the government’s role in Internet governance and regulations is a subject with heated debate. Self—governance is a better way forward or we require more intervention from government to flourish Internet. 
What is the status of present understanding, commitment and interest shown by governments with respect to addressing the Internet Governance issues especially from developing economies end? What are the most appropriate areas that require immediate consideration from policy makers / regulators in order to enhance Internet governance? To what extent a vacuum exist between governments and relevant stakeholders such as private sector and civil society (how to bridge it)? Do we require a Multi-stakeholder approach to debate on Internet Governance at national level too? Which is better a bottom-up policy development or top-bottom policy development approach or there could be some other mode? What could be the role of IGF in assisting governments? 

These all are the main agenda points of the proposed workshop with a theme to gather inputs from diverse set of participants and panelist. 


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