Protecting Human Rights Online: the Freedom Online Coalition

24 October 2013 - A Open Forum on Human Rights in Bali, Indonesia


The Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) is a group of 21 countries, from all regions of the world, that have committed to coordinating efforts with each other and with other stakeholders to advance Internet freedom. At this IGF Open Forum, FOC members will give updates on the work of the coalition to date and invite the IGF community to engage in a discussion of how the FOC can be more effective. The proposed workshop would directly advance the IGF vision of enabling multistakeholder conversations around a broad variety of Internet governance issues by providing an opportunity for civil society and business IGF community participants to give feedback directly into intergovernmental processes. FOC member states including Kenya, Tunisia, and Estonia will discuss their objectives in furthering Internet freedom domestically and internationally and solicit the views of other stakeholders on these efforts. The Open Forum will be a platform for all members of the IGF community to participate, members of all stakeholder groups are encouraged to attend.