Focus Session (Access/Diversity): Internet as an engine for growth and sustainable development

24 October 2013 - A Main Session on Access in Bali, Indonesia


The World Summit for the Information Society (“WSIS”) is 10 years old in 2015. The UN General Assembly (“UNGA”) is deciding how to review WSIS follow-up to date and then what the next 10 years of WSIS follow-up will look like.

2015 is also the 10-year review of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (“MDGs”) process. Given this confluence, how will the next 10 years of WSIS ‘connect’ to the next 10 years of the MDGs? 

This session will explore how to answer this major question two days after the UNGA discusses it, in three parts, with ample time for comments and questions from the audience in each segment. Part two will highlight practical examples of how technology has been used to improve access and diversity.

What are the Millennium Development Goals and how do they relate to WSIS?


ICTs and Development in the Real World: Concrete experiences of how Internet Governance has impacted development


How can WSIS’ Next 10 Years Better Support Sustainable Development?


The Way Forward