Gender and internet governance roundtable

23 October 2013 - A Workshop on Other in Bali, Indonesia


The IGF has taken constructive steps to integrate gender equality into its space, processes and issues. This roundtable aims to strengthen this by bringing in different stakeholders (including governments, UN agencies, the private sector, civil society etc.) to dialogue on key issues, challenges and best practices on the extent to which gender has been integrated into internet governance issues. This will help to increase knowledge and understanding of gender and internet specific concerns within the internet governance framework and debates. The session also aims to provide a space for assessing and consolidating some highlights of how far gender has been successfully included at the IGF thus far.
The speakers will provide brief and specific inputs in one of the four broad thematic areas below:
a) Access and development
b) Internet governance principles and processes
c) Safety and freedoms
d) Women's right to public participation (economic, cultural, social & political)

Specific policy questions to be discussed: 
* What are some of the key gender-related issues on internet governance in the related thematic area?
* What can different stakeholders do to further integrate and mainstream gender equality concerns into their existing work on internet governance? 
* Sharing initiatives and best practices among different stakeholders.

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