Internet universal affordable access: Are we there yet?

23 October 2013 - A Workshop on Enhanced Cooperation in Bali, Indonesia


Many people still don't have affordable access to the internet. 
This workshop will focus on identifying how big the gap is between the Internet haves and have-nots, and the priority measures needed to address those who are still left behind. 
The workshop will aim to describe in broad terms who they are (e.g wealth and gender constraints), where they are, and why are they still not effectively connected to the internet. 
The workshop will also consider current definitions of affordable access, including definitions of 'broadband', and take a look at current efforts to develop 'national broadband plans'. 
The conclusions will be validated by the workshop participants, with the aim of clarifying the debate as to where we are on the road to universal access and what needs to be done to get to there.
Issues to be addressed in the workshop will take a developing country perspective and cover:

Defining 'universal', 'affordable' and 'reliable' access, providing inputs for national broadband plans to be able to adopt realistic and specific targets for universal affordable access to broadband.

Availability of ICT infrastructure and relevance of public access facilities in the age of mobile phones.

Needs for relevant local services/apps in local languages.

Indirect barriers such as access such as cultural issues, gender issues, and access to electricity

Public policy and industry bottlenecks in delivering affordable, pervasive broadband access, in particular: ICT policy and regulatory environment, market entry barriers, access to radio spectrum, infrastructure sharing and interconnection policies.