IXPs: Building, Sustaining, and Governing Them

23 October 2013 - A Workshop on Access in Bali, Indonesia


Internet Infrastructure Development and international Internet Connectivity. 

Paragraph 50 of the Tunis agenda called "for the development of strategies for increasing affordable global connectivity," and also highlighted the importance of "setting up sub-regional and regional Internet exchange points (IXPs).  For over twenty years, the Internet community, technical experts, intergovernmental organizations, and policy-makers and regulators have been involved in developing and establishing IXPs. IXPs can help keep local traffic local, improve user experience, reduce latency, and increase content delivery speeds.  Their development builds communities of interest and technical expertise, brings experts and policy makers together to better understand their role in the Internet ecosystem, and creates bottom-up governance models that sustain and maintain them.  Our panel will bring together a group of experts and practitioners who will discuss their experience in building communities to run IXPs, business and governance models, training needs, and the importance of stakeholder partnerships.  Discussion will also focus on the role that IXPs play in the Internet ecosystem and the importance of local and regional solutions for sustainability.  Active audience and remote participation will be encouraged.