Cybercrime Treaty: Advanatages for Developing Countries

23 October 2013 - A Workshop on Security in Bali, Indonesia


On behalf of the Center for Strategic & Policy Analysis' (CSPA), Developing Countries' Center for Cyber Crime & Law (DC4). Workshop will explore various existing and available options for Developing Countries to overcome challenges both domestically as well as internationally with specific focus on existing international instruments. Trans-border access and sharing, Mutual Legal Assistance, Cybercrime, Security, Human Rights, Internet Governance.  The workshop will focus on the advantages to developing countries of existing multilateral treaties that incorporate all elements of harmonization of cyber offences and procedural powers, human rights and civil liberty safeguards, mutual legal assistance, extradition and 24x7 network cooperation.  The workshop will also touch upon the needs of developing countries that would need to be addressed in order to enable their taking advantage of such treaties.