Focus Session (Security): Legal and other Frameworks: Spam, Hacking and Cyber-crime

23 October 2013 - A Main Session on Security in Bali, Indonesia


This session will aim to produce clear takeaways on legal and other frameworks for addressing the complicated and oftentimes controversial problems of spam, hacking and cyber-crime. This session will pick up and carry forward some of the discussions that were held at the WCIT in Dubai in December of last year, with a particular emphasis on pragmatic solutions.   

The multistakeholder discussion will examine frameworks for preventing and responding to spam, hacking and cyber-crime on the Internet.  The session will examine the impact of these security issues and provide unique capacity building opportunities for all interested stakeholders, including policymakers, about existing initiatives and potential solutions.

We will discuss the complementary roles of technical solutions and cooperation, legal frameworks and law enforcement responses, and cross-border cooperation mechanisms. 

Specific framework issues to be discussed include: 
•       Negative economic and social impacts of spam and other malware;
•       Successful education and capacity building initiatives;
•       Effective approaches to public-private partnerships and other forms of cooperation;
•       Model legal frameworks for addressing hacking and cybercrime;
•       Legal and technical efforts to address cross-border criminal activity on the Internet.