Digital Coexistence: Tensions, Trends and Cooperation Frameworks

21 October 2013 - A Pre-event on Enhanced Cooperation in Bali, Indonesia


The primary objective of this IGF pre-event is therefore to offer a neutral space for these actors to:
• share perspectives and experiences in dealing with those issues,
• see how best to articulate their different sessions during the week, and
• allow the IGF participants to provide some early input.

Several organizers have already expressed their interest for such a preparatory event to be convened by the I&J Project and their willingness to participate.

The pre-event will bring together actors from governments, civil society, business and international organizations that are separately organizing workshops on overlapping issues. In doing so, it will help fulfill the mandate of the IGF itself, including: “facilitating discourse between bodies dealing with different cross-cutting issues” (Para 72.b of the 2005 Tunis Agenda), “interfacing between the diverse intergovernmental organizations and other institutions” (72.c) and “facilitating the exchange of information and best practices” (72.d).

In addition, the focus will be on “issues arising from the use or misuse of the Internet, of particular concern to everyday users” (72.k).

Last but not least, this pre-event will help participants in the IGF to navigate through the multiplicity of workshops, which address similar or related issues, with the presentation of a “track guide” that will highlight relevant sessions and their timing during the week.