Is it time for the Internet spring in the Arab region?

22 October 2013 - A Workshop on Multistakeholderism in Bali, Indonesia


The Arab region has witnessed major developments in the last few years. A great attention is now given by Arab governments and more other stakeholders in the region to the importance of Internet governance challenges. This was reflected in different organizations and fora discussing Internet-related issues. The region has developed a number of initiatives some of which has already flew, some other are in the pipeline.  Outreach and integration remains a challenge across these various efforts. 

This session will endeavor both to highlight possible areas of two dimension integration (between regional initiatives, and across the border with other regions and organizations). 

Through the interactive discussion this session will explore the following questions:
•    What are the real challenges the region has identified through different initiatives and fora?
•    Are the internet related organizations catering well enough to the developments in this region? 
•    Are all stakeholder groups in the region at the same level of engagement? 
•    What could be done to achieve better outreach within the region and across the border? 
•    With youth (between the ages of 15 to 24) as the largest age group representing 19.2% of the region population, what are the efforts undertaken to engage youth in various initiatives?