Mobile & Cloud Computing in Emerging Economies

22 October 2013 - A Workshop on Access in Bali, Indonesia


Recent studies indicate that the use of mobile telephony in some developing countries has quadrupled in the last decade. This has enabled many of these countries to accelerate economic and technology development across many sectors. Importantly, for fledgling entrepreneurs in countries that lack an indigenous computing infrastructure, mobile telephony has given them the ability to access and store information in the cloud, thereby growing their businesses, developing more innovative products and solutions, creating new jobs, and generating prosperity. Cloud computing also has enabled entrepreneurs in developing countries to disseminate via mobile devices important social purpose applications, localized content, and other e-services for the greater public good. This has entailed required greater awareness of sound Internet governance practices.

There are, however, some policy, infrastructure, and network-related challenges that need to be addressed. Workshop panelists will focus their remarks on these matters accordingly:


  • ·    Infrastructure: Internet access and the provision of electricity need to be improved. Higher upload speeds and low latencies also must be addressed so emerging economies can support continuing advances in cloud computing. The fact that many users in emerging economies will connect from mobile devices across spectrum-based networks will create additional demands on the access-network segment of the Internet chain;


  • ·    Awareness and education: Concrete measures need to be put in place to better educate potential users;


  • ·    Privacy, Security, and Internet Governance:  These complex policy challenges need to be addressed in a manner aimed at developing appropriate protections for users, creating a safe and secure online environment , respecting sound Internet governance principles, but not creating needless burdens or unintended consequences.


  • ·    Standardisation: Development of standards are important for further deployment of cloud computing in developing countries.

  •   Big Data: Cloud computing as a platform for big data, which can provide invaluable e-health and e-government benefits for emerging economies.