Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

22 October 2013 - A Workshop on Security in Bali, Indonesia


The workshop will focus on emerging cybersecurity threats, including mobile and cloud security, and the implications on Internet governance. The discussion will encompass a discussion of the threats, while also discussing proactive strategies and solutions for addressing emerging cybersecurity threats.

The format of the workshop will be designed to elicit a range of views from private sector, government, technical and civil society representatives.  A foundatation for the discussion will be a technical overview of developments such as advanced persistent threats, attacks on mobile networks and cloud computing vulnerabilities.  We will analyze the potential impact of threats on a variety of Internet users, including consumers, governments and users in developing countries. 

The workshop discussion then will address potential strategies and solutions for addressing emerging cybersecurity threats, with a particular focus on Internet governance implications.  We will look at existing best practices and suggested areas for greater focus and improvement, such as multi-stakeholder cooperation, public-private partnerships and technical coordination.  This discussion will include questions the best way to address emerging threats within the Internet governance process and institutions. 

The discussion also will encompass the social and policy implications of emerging cybersecurity threats. We will discuss how responses to emerging security threats should be structured to protect privacy and the free flow of information.  

The goal of the workshop is to provide an expert view on the emerging threat landscape and to identify some policy recommendations for how to address these threats in the context of Internet governance.