Internet Traffic Exchange in Less Developed Internet Markets and the Role of Internet Exchange Points (IXP)

14 November 2007 - A Best Practice Forum on Internet Governance for Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Internet Society (ISOC)


Africa Top Level Domain Organisation (afTLD)
Association for Progressive Communications
NAPLA (Latin American IXP association)
Packet Clearing House

Additional Information

The purpose of this workshop is to examine the drivers that determine national, regional and international Internet traffic exchange, primarily focusing on less developed Internet markets. In addition to international experts, the workshop will feature case studies from Latin America and Africa, highlighting the realities and challenges ISPs face in those regions to deliver Internet traffic efficiently. The role of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) will be explored, as will the impact of national telecommunications policies and regulation on traffic exchange.

Internet traffic exchange and its relationship to regional and national Internet development has been the subject of considerable international discussion over the past 10 years, and was even the subject of a Tunis Agenda statement. This workshop will focus on issues surrounding traffic exchange in the developing world, which has been a focal point of those discussions. This workshop will strive to highlight and bring forth the experience of network operators working in developing countries, so their expertise can be added to the discussion.