Broadening the Domain Name Space: Top Level Domains for Cities and Regions

14 November 2007 - A Workshop on Critical Internet Resources in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The introduction of new TLDs is a key subject within ICANN and of great importance for the future development of the management of critical Internet resources. At the recent ICANN meeting in Los Angeles, the GNSO adopted a numnber of principles and policies which will lead to a broadening of the domain name space. Among other issues, which are still the subject of discussion, are gTLDs with a geographical refernece like cities, regions or whole continents. Some had been alreadz adopted - like .eu, .asia or .cat - other are in the pipeline - like .berlin, .nyc, .paris, .africa, .lac .sco etc.

The workshop will present existing and merging cases and will hear also comments from differen constutiences like public administrations, users and business.


Medienstadt Leipzig e.V (an accredited At Large Structure under ICANN) in cooperation with ECO (the German Internet Business Association), EURALO and Eurocities.


Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, University of Aarhus and Board Member of Medienstadt Leipziug e.V. as moderator

Panelists from existing GEO-TLDs:

Werner Staub for .cat

Giovanni Seppiae for .eu

Ching Chiao for .asia

Panelists from Emerging GEO-TLDs:

Thomas Loewenhaupt for .nyc

Sebastian Bacholet for .paris

Dirk Kirschenowski for .berlin

Nii Quanor for .africa

Tony Harris for .lac

Olga Cavali for .mercusor

Werner Staub for .ga, .cym, .eus and .bzh

Peter ter Reh for the Puboic Administrations (Paper)

Anette Muehlberg for the Internet Users (Paper)

Dean Ceulic for the business community

Soulezman Oumtanga for developing countries