Interoperable Multilingual Directories and Solutions Provided by the Semantic Web

12 November 2007 - A Workshop on Diversity in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


ENGLISH (francais ensuite)

ICT applications must use native languages to be of any practical usefulness for citizens. A common understanding of concepts is essential to participate on a peer basis in international projects. In developing countries there may not exist a well agreed professional corpus of vocabulary necessary for cooperating with business partners in other countries.

Typically, organizations build data bases of terminology in their field of activity. This terminology has to be translated in other partners languages, and made easily accessible. Such needs may be met with a meshed network of directories providing for translation and definition of terms in the languages used by cooperating partners.

There is a large number of native languages, however there are also strong similarities within families derived from older or neighbouring languages. Available resources being limited,sharing tools and information data bases appears unavoidable.

The objectives of the workshop are the following:

  • identify needs and issues in sharing interoperable multilingual directories,
  • discuss the potential solutions provided by the semantic web,
  • create synergies between research teams in these fields,
  • explore available capacities for experimental pilot projects.

FRANCAIS Les applications des TIC doivent utiliser les langues natives pour etre d'une utilite quelconque aux citoyens. Une comprehension commune des concepts est essentielle pour participer sur un pied d'egalite a des projets internationaux. Les PVD ne disposent pas toujours d'un corpus de vocabulaire professionnel communement admis pour travailler avec des partenaires d'autres pays.

Typiquement les societes creent des bases de terminologie dans leur domaine d'activites. Cette terminologie est a traduire dans les langues des autres partenaires, et doit etre facilement accessible. Ces besoins peuvent etre satisfaits par un reseau maille de repertoires donnant la traduction et la definition des termes dans les langues utilisees par les partenaires.

Il existe un grand nombre de langues natives, mais il y aussi de fortes similitudes dans les familles voisines ou derivees d'une meme langue. Les ressources disponibles etant limitees, lepartage des outils et des bases de donnees parait inevitable.

Les objectifs de l'atelier sont les suivants:

  • identifier les besoins et les problemes de partage de repertoires multilingues,
  • discuter des solutions possibles apportees par le web semantique,
  • creer des synergies entre les equipes de recherche dans ces domaines,
  • explorer les disponibilites de moyens pour des projets pilotes experimentaux


Academie des Langues Africaines (ACALAN)
China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)
Conference Internet des Langues Europeennes (EUROLINC)
Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI)
Ecole Nationale Superieure des Techniques Avancees (ENSTA)
MAAYA network
Native Languages Internet Consortium (NLIC)


Dr. Robert Kahn, CNRI, USA "> Computer History

Mr. Guanghao Li, CNNIC, China Guanghao Li is currently the Deputy Director of Administrative Office in CNNIC, in charge of international cooperation and legal & policy affairs. Prior to this position, he was the head of International affairs in CNNIC. Before joined CNNIC, he worked as vice GM in Talent Technology Ltd Beijing, a SME company which provided business information solution to enterprises. He also held the Diretor of International Cooperation position in Topgem Educational Group in China. Guanghao's experiences also included a position as business analyst in American Express. Guanghao Li is the participating author of "China Internet Development Report 2005" and the translator in Chief for CNNIC's statistical survey reports.

Dr. Francis Muguet, ENSTA, France, Dr. Francis Muguet Net4D
A new class of network to bind people and machines
A new opportunity for scientific, cultural, linguistic and economic development

Dr. Gautam Sengupta, Univ. of Hyderabad, India> Bio

Mr. Louis Pouzin, (EUROLINC), France in French