Privacy in Internet Identity Management: Emerging Issues and New Approaches

14 November 2007 - A Workshop on Security in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


This workshop will facilitate a discussion on the emerging issues around internet identity management. It will mainly focus on two levels: First, the global public policy aspects and a need for international cooperation to ensure privacy in internet identity management, and second, new possibilities for users and citizens to express preferences for data protection in new identity management systems. This builds on a similar panel at IGF 2006 and the interdisciplinary collaboration by members of the Dynamic Coalition on Privacy. Now, the issues will be discussed more in-depth and with a focus on possible solutions. The workshop relates to the IGF “security” themes of authentication and identification and their role in fostering trust online; privacy and identity; the relationship between national implementation and international cooperation; cooperation across national boundaries, taking into account different legal policies on privacy, combating crime and security.


This workshop is jointly organised by Ralf Bendrath (Collaborative Research Center “Transformations of the State”, University of Bremen) and Mary Rundle (Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, the Oxford Internet Institute, and Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society), with input from other members of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Privacy.

The organizers have been working together in the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Privacy since it was set up at the IGF 2006, with Ralf Bendrath being a co-facilitator.



Caspar Bowden, chief privacy advisor, Microsoft EMEA, UK
Jan Schallaböck, legal researcher, / Office of the Data Protection Commissioner Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Marcelo Thompson Mello Guimaraes, researcher, Oxford Internet Institute, UK
Izumi Aizu, senior research fellow, Institute for InfoSocionomics, Tama University, Tokyo, Japan

Moderator: Ralf Bendrath, University of Bremen, Germany

Aditional Information:


In order to make maximum use of the time in the spirit of the IGF as a forum for multi-stakeholder dialogue, the workshop will start as a roundtable with short initial presentations and quickly move on an interactive discussion.


Ralf Bendrath
Mary Rundle