Security and Privacy Challenges for New Internet Applications: A Multi-stakeholder Approach

14 November 2007 - A Workshop on Security in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The workshop will address the upcoming challenges for both security and privacy. As companies move to develop more and more advanced online services, what are the challenges that lie therein? What are the challenges for data protection enforcement as it tries to negotiate security and privacy, particularly as we are dealing with global dimensions? 'Security' in this discussion will include the full spectrum of ideas: security of individual rights, security for companies doing global business, national security.


This workshop is jointly organised by the London School of Economics and Political Science (Gus Hosein), Privacy International (Simon Davies), the University of Bremen (Ralf Bendrath) and the French Government (Bertrand de La Chapelle).

The organizers have been working together in the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Privacy since it was set up at the IGF 2006, with Ralf Bendrath and Gus Hosein being co-facilitators.


Speakers include representatives from:

Google (to speak on the challenges of developing new businesses within the current legislative frameworks, particularly surrounding lawful access)
The Government of Uruguay (to discuss the legal developments in the region)
Privacy International (on how we can best engage in these upcoming problems)
OECD (to discuss the need for guidelines and principles, and the discussion about security principles)
The French privacy regulator, CNIL (to speak on the role of data protection principles)
The workshop will be chaired by a representative from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Aditional Information


In order to make maximum use of the time in the spirit of the IGF as a forum for multi-stakeholder dialogue, the workshop will start as a roundtable with short initial presentations and quickly move on an interactive discussion.


Gus Hosein
Ralf Bendrath