14 November 2007 - A Main Session on Security in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Session Chairman:

Mr. Antonio Tavares, Representative of the Private Sector Brazilian Internet Steering Committee

Yoshinori Imai, The Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)


Ralf Bendrath, Research Fellow, University of Bremen
Lamia Chaffai, Director, Agence Tunisienne d’Internet, Tunisia
Huang Chengqing, Secretary-General, Internet Society of China, Beijing
Marco Gercke, Professor of Criminal Law, University of Cologne
Cristine Hoepers, Leader, Brazilian CERT
Zahid Jamil, Senior Partner, Jamil & Jamil Barristers-at-Law


Izumi Aizu, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for InfoSocinomics (IIS), Kumon Center, Tama University
Anne Carblanc, Principal Administrator, Information Computer and Communications Policy Division, OECD, Paris
Georg Greve, President, Free Software Foundation Europe, Zurich
Malcolm Harbour, Member, European Parliament
Katitza Rodriguez Pereda, International Policy Fellow, Electronic Privacy Information Center


Izumi Aizu

Izumi Aizu is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for InfoSocinomics, Kumon Center, Tama University and Deputy Director of the Institute for HyperNetwork Society in Japan. He is also member of ICANN's AtLarge Advisory Committee (ALAC) since 2003. From 1998 to 2000, he was Secretary General of Asia and Pacific Internet Association (APIA) and participated in the creation process of ICANN and organized global Internet Y2K campaign.

His advocacy works include representing Japanese NPO to G8 Digital Opportunity Task Force (2000 to 2002), and promoting users' voices at ICANN and civil society perspectives at WSIS, WGIG and IGF. He has served on many national and international committees for Japanese government agencies as well as ICANN and other international organizations such as UNDP and Aspen Institute.

He is currently engaged in the study of Network and Information Security (NIS), Critical Infrastructure Protection, Network Neutrality, and Digital Identity Management policy issues.


Ralf Bendrath

Ralf Bendrath is a researcher at the Collaborative Research Center “Transformations of the State”, University of Bremen, Germany, where he is working on privacy governance and multi-stakeholder processes. He has published extensively on international and domestic security, critical infrastructure protection, information warfare, privacy, and surveillance. In the WSIS process, he was chief editor of the leading civil society website At the WSIS summits in Geneva and Tunis, he was a civil society member of the German government delegation. Since the first IGF, he has been a co-facilitator of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Privacy. He is blogging in English at and in German at the award-winning blog


Anne Carblanc

Anne Carblanc joined the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 1997 where she is responsible for analytical and policy work related to the security of information systems and networks and the protection of privacy. Prior to joining the OECD in 1997, she was Secretary General of the French data protection authority (the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés - CNIL). She had previously served ten years in the French judicial system both as a judge in charge of criminal investigations and as the Head of the criminal legislative unit in the Ministry of Justice. Ms Carblanc has a degree in modern languages and literature, a Master's degree in Law, and qualified as a judge (Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature).


Dr. Marco Gercke

Dr. Marco Gercke is teaching Criminal Law with a focus on Cybercrime at the Faculty of Law, University of Cologne (Germany) and is visiting lecturer for International Criminal Law at the University of Macau (Macau). Marco is a frequent national and international speaker and author regarding Cybercrime. His latest researches were covering the Challenges of Fighting Cybercrime, International Harmonisation Approaches in the Fight against Cybercrime and Terrorist Activities in the Internet. He is Secretary of the Criminal Law Department of the German Society for Law and Informatics and works as an expert for the Council of Europe and other International Organisations.


Zahid Jamil

Barrister Zahid Jamil is a Senior Partner with the family law firm of M/s. Jamil and Jamil, and practices in varied areas of law, which include Corporate and Commercial law, IT and E-Commerce, Trade and Finance, Consumer Protection, Petroleum, Shariah and Insurance laws. He drafted the Electronic Transactions Ordinance 2002 and has worked on the Draft E-Banking Act 2003.  He has actually been  involved and advised parties/complainants in Cyber crime cases in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and has been liaising with the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime.  Advisor to business organizations and the Government on drafting legislation relating to IT Security and Data Protection and has advised MoITT as member ICC EBITT on the E-Crimes Act, Draft Foreign Data & Security Protection Act.   He has presented several papers and presentations at Cybercrime, Security, eBanking, eCommerce and other forums domestically (ISACA, CISA, IBP, DG FIA, NR3C, PASHA, MoITT etc.) and internationally (ICC, EBITT, BASIS, IGF, WSIS, UN, AFACT etc.).  He is the founding member of the National Advocacy Training Programme of the Bar of England and Wales, and has acted as Amicus Curiae to the Court of Appeals of the Sindh High Court. Zahid is affiliated with several renowned international councils and organizations, and is currently the Chairperson of International Chamber of Commerce National Committee on E-Business, IT and Telecommunications (EBITT), Pakistan, the Joint Legal Working Group of the AFACT Asia Pacific Council on Trade Facilitation and E-Commerce (AFACT), and the E-Commerce Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Pakistan. He is also a Professor of Law at the S.M. Law College and the University of London, External Programme, and was accredited by CEDR in 2006 and established and manages the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center for Pakistan.  Currently, he is in the process og drafting the Privacy law and Confidentiality law for Pakistan.