Concertation francophone sur la gouvernance d’Internet/ Francophone IGF dialogue

5 November 2012 - A Pre-event on Regional & National Initiatives in Baku, Azerbaijan


Organizing entity: Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) / French-speaking Countries Organization or International Organization of Francophonie

Description and objective:

The dialogue will be speaking in discussions on the issues, major challenges and emerging issues of Internet governance in a francophone perspective.

The dialogue aims to promote a shared vision of global issues and challenges. It should lead participants to respond to specific questions :

- What are the best practices in the field of Internet governance that Francophone peoples can offer in global discussion ?

- What are the lessons of the great global discussions to promote the development of the Internet in French-speaking areas ?

- How can we put into public policy and major decisions of the member countries as well as those of the Francophonie global themes and messages of the Forum on Internet Governance ?

- What are the francophone specificities that are not taken into account in global discussions on Internet governance ?