Worldwide NIC's co-development : "Joint initiative for an automated management"

14 November 2007 - A Other on Internet Governance for Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The Registry of a ccTLD guarantees the sovereignty of a country on its own Internet space. As such, it has to facilitate the technical and economic development of the extension by providing all actors that are authorities, professionals and users of the Internet with adapted, mastered and economically viable services. The automatization of the domain names registration process contributes to structuring and rationalizing the whole NIC activity. This is a key issue for the major part of registries and registrars in developing countries. Because it facilitates the economic activity, this approach accelerates the development of the Internet in the concerned countries. Its also contributes to the development of the local use of information technologies and it significantly improves the effectiveness of the local Internet governance.

This workshop proposes you to meet with the key players in this initiative in order to share their ideas and experiences. You will also have the opportunity to discover the software automation registry Codev-nic.


College International de l'Afnic, African Top Level Domains Organization
The College International is a 32 members organization affiliated to AFNIC, including 16 countries members, 14 ccTLD registries and universities members from Africa, Central America and Europe. 3 members of the College International are involved into AfTLD Executive Committee, others into regional organizations (ECOWAS, CEMAC, etc.) or regional programs (ADEN – Sub-Saharan Connectivity Building Capacities Program, AfREN – African Research and Education Networking) and Francophone Organizations. So, by nature and through its program, the College International is set up and operating on multi-stakeholder framework.

Partners and sponsors : French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Icann


AfTLD, Souleymane OUMTANAGA, Executive Committee
NIC-MG, Nicolas Raft RAZAFINDRAKOTO, Madagascar
NIC-HT, Max-Larson HENRY, Haïti
College International of Afnic, Abdoulaye DIAKITE, President
AFNIC, Mathieu WEILL, General Director
Codev-NIC, Stéphane BORTZMEYER, Codev-NIC/AFNIC, Project Head
MAE : Nicolas Pejout, French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

AFNIC : The AFNIC (French Network Information Center), is a non-profit making organization governed by the July 1 1901 law. The AFNIC is the registry for the Internet domain names .fr (France) and .re (Reunion Island).

AFTLD : African Top Level Domains Organization "AFTLD" acts as a focal point for all the African TLDs Managers, to discuss matters of policy that affect ccTLDs globally and then, where possible, to present the group's position as one voice. One coherent voice from a large group of African ccTLDs will have more influence and will make it easier for external parties to gauge the opinion of the AFTLD registries.

NIC-HT : The Nic-HT is responsible for managing the . ht as the "Consortium SDS / RDDH". It is a technical and administrative structure consisting of the Faculty of Sciences of the State University of Haiti and the Foundation RDDH (Sustainable Development Network of Haiti).

NIC-MG : The NIC-MG Association works for an effective and coherent development of the Internet in Madagascar respecting international standards, the guarantee of absolute impartiality facing the network service partners and with a specific support to networks for "teaching and research".