International market influence

11 November 2007 - A Pre-event on Openness in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Accessing and participating in the digital world are critical. But once those are attained, how can governments and their citizens ensure that they have influence in the international economy? By using international organizations, the standardization system, and local practices, governments can help create the future technological, social, economic, and legal infrastructures that will shape the winners and losers of the 21st century. This panel will explore the means and realities of influencing the international policies, practices, and processes that determine how our global economy and technological advancements are governed. Topics may include:

  • Achieving broader representation in standardization governance
  • National strategies for international impact
  • Using standardization to influence global trade
  • Intellectual property practices: international organizations vs. free trade agreements
  • WIPO Development Agenda: Strategy, impact, and lessons learned