Partnership in Action: International Examples of Good Practice

18 November 2009 - A Best Practice Forum on Other in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


The workshop will focus on sharing examples of good practice relevant to the IGF themes. Examples will be drawn from national and regional initiatives.

The idea comes from three years experience in running the Nominet Best Practice Challenge in the UK: this competition has helped us to highlight exciting work that contributes to making the Internet a better, safer, more accessible and more fun place, identifying examples from large multinational organisations seeking to improve security to local initiatives focussing on helping get previously excluded people on-line.

We are aware of other initiatives in the world – the Commonwealth Connects report highlighted a number of good examples of development projects, and the Manthan Award is a best practice award scheme across eight countries in South Asia: there are likely to be others. 

We will try to identify a geographically varied selection of good-practice examples that meet a wide variety of different interests and concerns.

a. We will be working with the Manthan Project in South Asia, the Australians and New Zealand best practice awards and will remain open to other initiatives identifying examples of good practice.
From the UK-IGF we are a multi-stakeholder partnership modelled along the lines of the IGF bringing together partners from civil society, business, government and parliamentary backgrounds. We will highlight winners of the Nominet Best Practice Challenge 2009 (which will be announced in July): this in the past has identified initiatives from many different types of organisation and partnerships addressing the main themes of the IGF. 
From the Manthan Project, partners again come from a variety of backgrounds - including industry and government. Covering the eight countries of South Asia, this awards programme focusses in particular on e-government applications and on local initiatives based on improving access. As a regional initiative, the scale of this programme is much larger than the UK's and focusses on a different series of issues, but it has the same goals of learning from examples and some of the community-based solutions could be an inspiration for other countries. 
Australia and New Zealand are just launching their first best-practice awards: they will highlight their motivation and the issues associated with launching a new scheme to identify good practice examples. 
ISD-RC is a new civil society organisation based in Geneva and looking at sustainable development.
We remain open to other partners also working to identify examples of success addressing the themes of the IGF. 

b. We believe that the partnership brings together stakeholders from a wide variety of backgrounds. In particular, showcasing examples of good practice brings in organisations from different geographical regions and backgrounds. For the UK we cannot currently identify possible participants (the awards have not yet been announced!), but we hope to see industry, civil society and government engagement in the final presentation. 

c. As a bottom-up initiative, Manthan and Nominet bring unique opportunities to identify different approaches all based on improving user access to the Internet. 

Partnership in Action:

1. Chair's introduction: Ian Taylor MBE, MP 

2. Background to the initiatives: 
a. Manthan Project: the South Asia Best Practice awards (Osama Manzar, Founder, Digital Empowerment Foundation) 
b. Australia-New Zealand Best Practice Awards (Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Director of auDA, co sponsor of the awards) 
c. Nominet Best Practice Challenge (Lesley Cowley, CEO of Nominet, Rt Hon Alun Michael MP, chair of the judges) 
d. International Sustainable Development Resource Centre (written contribution) 

3. Case Studies: 
a. Andrew Miller MP: Make IT Happy: ICTs in schools 
b. Lambert van Nistelrooij MEP, Ambient Assisted Living, a programme to improve life of elderly through ICT 
c. Henry Warren, ( Project) 
d. Case studies Manthan Project 
e. Will Gardner, CEO Childnet International: Hearing the voices of young people 
f. Projects from the Australia-New Zealand programme 

4. Panel discussion with the audience: how national experiences might be "transferable": can we promote the work? Is there room for a database of national best practice for people to draw on?

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