Developing comprehensive cybercrime legislation

17 November 2009 - A Best Practice Forum on Security in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


Comprehensive and consistent legislation is essential to help societies meet the challenge of cybercrime and thus to enhance the security of and confidence in information and communication technologies. Legal frameworks should take into account the rights of users and the role of the private sector on the one hand, and security concerns on the other. The Convention on Cybercrime of the Council of Europe provides a global guideline in this respect. 

More than 100 countries worldwide have strengthened or are in the process of strengthening their cybercrime legislation. The aim of the best practice forum is to share this experience and encourage further action in other countries.

Representatives from countries from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America that have comprehensive cybercrime legislation. 


- Alexander Seger (Council of Europe)


- Pavan Duggal (India)
- Ehab Elsonbaty (Egypt)
- Jayantha Fernando (Sri Lanka)
- Marco Gercke (Germany)
- Cristine Schulman (Romania/Council of Europe)