Access for Everyone includes Persons with Diasabilities

17 November 2009 - A Workshop on Access in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


With the rapid growth and popularization of the Internet, human society has stepped into an information era. Information becomes an increasingly important resource in many aspects of life: education, employment, commerce, health care, recreation, etc. It is essential that information be accessible in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to all, especially for vulnerable groups like those with disabilities. In the resolution for the Tunis Agenda for the Information Society, the quest to ensure that everyone can benefit from the opportunities that information communications technologies can offer was mentioned.

Within the issue of Internet governance, how to help people with disabilities to gain equal access and equal opportunity, and how to help them actively participate in information society is a universal concern. It is also an active response to the call of reaching the next one billion raised in the 2008 IGF. The workshop will discuss the following:

1. Maximize a joint effort from various levels to create/promote the accessibility for disabled people and vulnerable groups
2. Standard-setting and products optimization in terms of promoting information barrier-free
3. The experience of promoting information accessibility
4. Challenges and problems 

The purpose of the workshop is to call further attention to the special needs of those with disabilities, and motivate a range of joint efforts to build an inclusive information society. 

The confirmed speakers list for the No. 282 Best Practice Forum: Access for Everyone includes Persons with Diasabilities is as follow: 

1. Moderator
Name: Mr. GAO Xinmin, Vice President 
Affiliation: Internet Society of China
Area of expertise: Internet, Informatization

2. Speaker
Name: Mr. HUANG Chengqing, Vice President & Secretary General
Affiliation: Internet Society of China
Area of expertise: Internet, Network Security, Informatization
Contact information: 

3. Speaker
Name: Ms. SUN Yongge, Director
Affiliation: Internet Society of China
Area of expertise: Internet, Communications, Information Accessibility 
Contact information: 

4. Speaker
Name: Mr. YANG Kun, Senior Engineer
Affiliation: Institute of Communication Standards Research, China Academy of Telecommunications Research of MIIT
Area of expertise: Multimedia Communications
Contact information: