Domain Name Use: Theft, Threats, and Solutions

17 November 2009 - A Best Practice Forum on Security in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


The loss or unauthorized modification of a domain name can have a lasting and material impact on the domain name owner and internet users. Domain name owners may lose an established online identity and be exposed to extortion by name speculators. The loss of an active website and email can disrupt or severely impact the business and operations of the domain name owner, including (but not limited to) denial and theft of electronic mail services, unauthorized disclosure of information through phishing web sites and traffic inspection (eavesdropping), and damage to the domain owner’s reputation and brand through web site defacement.

The workshop will discuss:
- Domain Name Hijacking and Theft
- Loss of domain names during the Renewal process
- Domain Name Front Running
- Registrar Impersonation Phishing Attacks
- Best Practices for domain name safety
- Protecting domain names from abuse

The workshop will discuss potential guidelines and best practices about safe domain name use, protection against phishing and other safeguards for domain name users.

The Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) advises the ICANN board and the community on matters relating to the security and integrity of the Internet’s naming and address allocation systems. The Committee’s membership draws from the commercial, not-for-profit, academic and law enforcement sectors, has broad geographic representation, and includes all segments of the Domain Name System (DNS) community. The Committee includes root server operators, generic and country code registry operators, registrars and address registries, and network security experts.

The proposed list of speakers:
Rod Rasmussen (Anti-Phishing Working Group)
Suzanne Woolf (Internet Systems Consortium, Root Server Operator)
Ram Mohan (Chief Technology Officer, Afilias)
Greg Rattray (Director of Security, ICANN)
Rodney Joffe (Chief Technologist, Neustar)
Barbara Fraser (Security Group, Cisco)
Adam Palmer (Registry Internet Safety Group, Public Interest Registry)
Pavan Duggal (Cybercrime expert &