Internet governance and economic recovery and growth

17 November 2009 - A Workshop on Internet Governance for Development in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


This workshop will be an interactive exchange on how addressing Internet governance issues appropriately can stimulate economic recovery and growth. By putting in place the necessary legal, policy and regulatory approaches that stimulate innovation, infrastructure and investment in the Internet (and ICTs) economies can be boosted. These issues will be addressed through a discussion of case studies, best practices, and substantive examples.
This workshop will link to capacity building, development issues, and a range of the broad IGF themes.


Moderator: Herbert Heitmann, EBITT chair, Chief Communications Officer, Global Communications, SAP, Germany


1) Joseph Alhadeff, Vice President Global Public Policy and Chief Privacy Officer, Oracle, United States of America

2) Mohamed Elnawawy, Vice President for Corporate Strategy (CSO), Telecom Egypt, Egypt

3) Desiree Miloshevic, Visiting Industry Research Associate, Oxford Internet Institute, United Kingdom

4) Aurimas Matulis, Director, Information Society Development Committee under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuania