Lost in non-ASCII translation?

16 November 2009 - A Workshop on Critical Internet Resources in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


The current restriction for top level domain names to include only ASCII characters is one of the main obstacles that prevent billions of users from full and easy access to the benefits of the internet. Therefore, the launch of Internationalised Domain Names at the top level has become of paramount importance. An internet which speaks all languages at all levels makes businesses and people more competitive and mobile, enhances inclusiveness and diversity at the same time, contributes to bridge the digital divide and ensures that the cultural heritage is better preserved. 
This workshop aims at illustrating the advantages of having non-ASCII top-level domains. It will explain the process of their introduction and the expected impact on the non-ASCII communities through the inputs, remarks and statements of government, ccTLD and civil society representatives.

The sound partnership of the regional ccTLD organisations is at the basis of this workshop. The speaker includes:

- Mohamed El-Bashir, .SD
- Zhang Jian, CNNIC
- Maria Mokina, Coordination Center for TLD RU
- Vaggelis Segredakis, Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas - Institute of Computer Science 
- Manal Ismail, Egyptian Ministry of Telecommunications
- Elisabeth Markot (European Commission)

The moderator for this workshop is: - Baher esmat (ICANN)