Best practices in ccTLD Policy and Operations management Resources

16 November 2009 - A Best Practice Forum on Critical Internet Resources in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


The workshop proposes to examine the governance and technical challenges facing the administrators and operators of the world's 252 national domain names. The workshop will compare governance frameworks and policy models, discuss accountability to the Internet community, and examine the procedures and technologies that make it possible for these national domains to thrive and support growing Internet economies within their regions.

The high-level goal of the workshop is to map the roles and responsibilities of ccTLD administrators and communities and describe the elements of a model ccTLD policy and operational charter. Policy elements to be considered will include the roles and responsibilities of respective stakeholders, the improvement of standards, procedures and management processes. Academic research on a measurement methodology for determining a ccTLD development index will be discussed.

The workshop supports the multi-stakeholder principle and geographic diversity with participants representing a range of stakeholders and hailing from the Caribbean, Pacific Islands, Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America and Europe.

This workshop is the result of a merger of workshop #113 "Best practices in Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) technical management", and #132 "ccTLD Policy and Operations, Elements of a Model Charter."

The Speakers list are as follows:

Panelist name: Kim Davies
Affiliation: ICANN
Area of expertise: ccTLD administration and authority

Panelist name: Erick Iriarte Ahon
Affiliation: LACTLD
Area of expertise: ccTLD administration and regional coordination - 
Latin America

Panelist name: Garth Miller
Affiliation: Council of Country Code Administrators
Area of expertise: ccTLD technical administration and operations

Panelist name: Bernadette Lewis
Affiliation: Caribbean Telecommunications Union
Area of expertise: Intergovernmental coordination - Caribbean

Panelist name: Sabine Dolderer
Affiliation: CENTR
Area of expertise: ccTLD administration and regional coordination - 

Panelist name: Bill Woodcock
Affiliation: Packet Clearing House
Area of expertise: TLD DNS operations and DNS best-practices

Panelist name: Keisuke Kamimura
Affiliation: Center for Global Communications, International 
University of Japan (GLOCOM)
Area of expertise: Study of ccTLD administration and operation policy