Balancing between online freedom of expression and privacy

16 November 2009 - A Workshop on Openness in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


KISA proposes to hold an IGF workshop on “Balancing between online freedom of expression and privacy” which is related to one of the main themes, “Openness”. 
As Internet grows, the more Internet users’ rights to express expand, the more infringement of privacy increases. Freedom of expression and privacy are in many ways two sides of the same coin. We focus on the positive links between Internet rights and principles and their interdependence; find appropriate balance between these two values.

Internet stimulates freedom of expression and democratic participation, which at the same time causes negative consequences such as invasion of privacy. OECD member states and major global countries do not directly attempt to regulate the Internet, taking a serious view of online free speech. It is clear that issues of openness need to remain as a core agenda for workshop and should be discussed in detail. We need to respect the fundamental rights of Internet users including freedom of expression, while avoiding excessive government controls. We will also find with expectation the way to reconcile freedom of expression and privacy protection in order to develop the Internet as an open and secure space.

The moderator and panels are as follows:


- Academic : Mr. Yoo, Eui-Sun, Professor of Ewha Womans University (KOREA)


1. Government : Ms. Nigar Samsa, Information Technologies and Communication Authority of Turkey (Turkey) 
2. Private Sector : Ms. Claudia Sarrocco, Lawyer, TCA Law Firm, Milano (Italy) 
3. Government : Mr. Derek Wyatt MP, Chair Parliamentary Group on Communications, UK House of Commons (UK) 
4. International Organization : Ms. Katitza Rodriguez Pereda, Director of Internet Privacy Project, EPIC (Peru)
5. Business : Ms. Anne S. Oh, Senior Counsel of Legal Department, NHN Corporation (Korea)
6. Government : Mr. Park, Jung-Sup, Director of Internet Media Team, Korea Internet & Security Agency (Korea)

KISA is the main actor in the field and Turkey, Italy, UK, and Peru have expressed their willingness to participate in and contribute to the workshop.

The workshop focuses on the diverse perspectives on the issue taking into consideration the geographical diversity. Also, we are trying to meet the gender balance on the panels. Current panels come from different stakeholders representing the academic, government, business, private sector, and International Organization which will give us various viewpoints. We believe that these satisfy the multi-stakeholder principles of IGF.
Under the “Openness” we would like to find the solution to promote online freedom of expression based on democracy. The workshop will share relevant information and examine the findings with panels; there will be an interactive discussion with participants in order to bring out new facets of the issue. We also would like to cover successful practices and challenges from different countries.