2CENTRE, the Cybercrime Centres of Excellence for Training, Research & Education

16 November 2009 - A Best Practice Forum on Security in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


2CENTRE stands for the Cybercrime Centres of Excellence Network for Training, Research and Education. 2CENTRE is a European project which aim at uniting law enforcement, industry and academic expertise to provide an internationally coordinated cybercrime investigation training program for law enforcement agencies and the industry in the European Union and beyond. 2CENTRE will help develop a cost effective, scalable, sustainable and consistent training program on cybercrime among all countries participating in the project.
Describe how you will take steps to adhere to the multi-stakeholder principle, including geographical diversity.
2CENTRE is in its very essence a multi-stakeholder and international project, aiming at helping any country to define and meet its needs in training and education on cybercrime. Work has already started in Ireland, France, and discussions between law enforcement, industry and academia are under progress in Belgium, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Italy, United-Kingdom and with IMPACT. 
c) Does the proposed workshop provide different perspectives on the issues under discussion?
The very essence of 2CENTRE is to gather the different perspectives of law enforcement, industry and academia, to build capacity for training and education against cybercrime around the world. 
The workshop will be the opportunity for 2CENTRE to reach a global audience and gather feedback from countries that will have not been in touch with this project. 




The Speakers are as follows:

1) Radomír JANSKÝ
European Commission
Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security
Directorate F.2 Fight against Organised Crime
Office LX46 3/146
1049 Brussels, Belgium

2) Dr. Joe Carthy
Head of School
UCD School of Computer Science and Informatics
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4

3) Jean-Christophe Le Toquin
Director, Internet Safety
Legal and Corporate Affairs
Microsoft Europe Middle-East and Africa
39 quai du Président Roosevelt
92130 Issy les Moulineaux - France 

4) General Hussein Sadek 
Director of the Police Research Center 
Mubarak Police Academy