Remote Participation: Mapping the Field, Evaluation and Multistakeholder Involvement

16 November 2009 - A Workshop on Other in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


At the IGF Hyderabad, the Remote Participation Working Group and the IGF Secretariat coordinated with local partners in the creation of IGF hubs and gave support for Remote Participation in the IGF main event. Since then, the debate about remote participation has gained momentum. 
Nonetheless, stakeholders must review: 
a) How they can benefit from the improvement in remote participation possibilities at the IGF; 
b) What their role is in the projects that aim to enhance remote participation; 
c) How stakeholders can work synergistically in order to implement remote participation. 
The workshop will discuss remote participation both from a policy (what should be done) and a best practices approach (what has been done). 
1- Mapping the field of remote participation. Identify the impelling/institutional arrangements (global and regional) where remote participation is most needed. Identify additional prospective stakeholders that should be involved in this initiative and how to engage them. 
2- Inclusion of people from developing countries
3- Inclusion of people with disabilities.
Best practices:
1- Best practices at the IGF: an evaluation (including remote hubs) 
2- Guidelines for RP at the IGF: a step towards a code of best practices in the field of remote participation? 

Remote Participation Working Group (RPWG)
Internet Governance Caucus (IGC)


- Jovan Kurbalija (DiploFoundation)
- Egyptian government representative
- Jorge Plano (DC on People with Disabilities and ISOC)
- Virginia Paque (Remote Participation Working Group member)
- Olga Cavalli (organizer of the local hub in Argentina)
- Chengetai Masango, Programme and Technology Manager, IGF Secretariat
- Technical person responsible for the remote participation platform in the IGF 2009

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