Privacy, Literacy and Social Networking

15 November 2009 - A Workshop on Openness in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


The diffusion of social network applications and social media pose new questions to the standard legal and customary frameworks of privacy protections, and to the creation and diffusion of information. Countries are proceeding with various and different measures to offer citizens the necessary literacy skills and legal means to make a full and concerned use of those means. While the spread of new media and tools is ubiquitous with high growth rates in developing countries, it’s in those countries where literacy and awareness are most critical to fully tackle the potentialities of the web 2.0.
The workshop proposes to gather concerned stakeholders with policy makers and users to discuss the potentialities and threats of these tools. 

Affiliations of the panelists:

• Gus Hosein, London School of Economics
• David Banisar, director for FOI at Privacy International
• Jane Horvath, Senior Privacy Counsel for Google
• Under suggestion by Hans Bredow Institute
• UNESCO – Social and Human Sciences Sector
• Blogger community – Egypt