Assessing the role of the participative web in Youth Empowerment; a regional outlook

15 November 2009 - A Workshop on Internet Governance for Development in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


This workshop aims at providing a critical view of key developments and challenges affecting the youth empowerment, through education and skill development using the potential of the participative web in the region. The workshop will explore actual projects that have relied on web 2.0 tools. Experiences in the Middle East and North Africa region will be discussed to identify the issues and challenges and to promote and assist other initiatives around the world. Several approaches and case studies will be explored by panelists, including: 
 Combining Cyber security and youth empowerment to best utilize the Internet as both an education and skills enhancement tool
Education and Safeguarding providers - Walking the tightrope; Balancing access with safeguarding for children across the UK

 Qatar Foundation , Selatec initiative for addressing the gap in youth employment by developing the necessary technical and business skills through utilization of Web2.0 and collaboration tools
 21st Century University initiative (Cisco) and UNESCO sponsorship for Libya and the benefit of new Digital Media Technologies on students’ learning and development
 Partnership for Lebanon Initiative and national Broad Band infrastructure modernization project to enhance youth skill development and employment opportunities as well as private sector evolution.
 Public/private partnerships in North African countries, such as Algeria and Morocco in the area of youth skill development and preparation for the job market.

An important aspect to be discussed in each of the above topics, is the existing gap between the current status and where we need to be, taking into consideration the challenges poised by the global economic climate and the region’s aspirations.
The practical case studies (by government, civil society and private sector) from the region will be assessed to deduce trends, explore obstacles and discuss better approaches to utilize the internet fully and effectively in youth employment. 

This workshop is the result of a combined proposal from workshops 128 and 67.