Introduction to Internet Operations

15 November 2009 - A Workshop on Critical Internet Resources in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


This workshop is designed to provide a basic understanding of the principles of Internet addressing, both numbering and naming. It will highlight how Internet naming and numbering differs from circuit switched telephony, for those with a regulatory background in telephony.

It will provide a straightforward introduction to some of the fundamental technical concepts of Internet operations, presented by representatives of the Internet technical community. Presentations will focus on IP addressing, Internet routing and basic principles of the domain name system (DNS), and include details on the "why" as well as the "how". The workshop will conclude with a description of how traffic is routed across the Internet, including the difference between 'transit' and 'peering', and the role of Exchange Points (IXPs).

This workshop is aimed at government representatives, regulators and others involved with Internet policy work. Participants do not need to have a technical background. With a more complete understanding of the concepts examined in this workshop, participants will be better equipped to fully engage in Internet governance discussions.


This workshop is being organised as a joint effort between NETNOD, ISOC, NRO, MENOG (Middle East Network Operators Group), AfNOG (The African Network Operators Group), Cisco and Nokia Siemens Networks. These organisations represent a diverse range of roles in the provision of Internet infrastructure. 

Speakers already committed to speak on the workshop panel are drawn from the fields of business, government, civil society and the technical community, and each will bring their different perspectives to the specific issues raised by Internet addressing. The intention with such a great diversity in speakers is to allow for a fruitful exchange of information, experience and perspectives. The speakers come from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, the Asia Pacific and the Americas, thereby also providing a range of different experiences and perspectives from different parts of the world.



This workshop is primarily educational, but within that scope it will provide a range of perspectives from different regions and stakeholder groups. The workshop will look at how the technical realities of Internet addressing affect different regional and stakeholder groups, and how the challenges of Internet addressing are being met throughout the world.