Why is the participation of the social sector in the Internet Governance important for everybody?

9 November 2012 - A Other on Internet Governance Principles in Baku, Azerbaijan


There is an ongoing tension around the multi sectored approach to Internet Governance like it is practiced by ICANN and affirmed by the WSIS process in Tunis. One of the main questions is if the social sector should be included in the Internet Governance at all and if yes to what extent. The proposed Open Forum wants to ask the question of:”Why is the participation of the social sector in the Internet Governance important for everybody?”, from the perspective of the social sector but also from the perspective of the private and governmental sector and Internet Governance. Are there insurmountable differences in the different sectors approach to Internet Governance, or can Internet Governance only function well if there exists a symbiotic relationship between sectors. Furthermore we would like to explore options how the social sector can engage with the Internet Governance in particular and with all sectors involved in general. In this way we hope to be able to make a positive contribution to the ongoing debate and if possible initiate even practical steps forwards.

1. Introduction
(5 Minutes)
2. Multi sector approach as the key for successful Internet Governance.
(12 Minutes)
3. The role of the social sector in Internet Governance: a private sector view
: a governmental sector view
: a social sector view
: a internet governance View
(10 Minutes each)
4. Moderated Panel Discussion
(20 Minutes)
5. How can the social sector become involved in Internet Governance
(7 Minutes), Summary and closing remarks
(5 Minutes)