Taking Stock and the Way Forward

9 November 2012 - A Main Session on Other in Baku, Azerbaijan


Structure: The main session will be divided into three Parts and will involve six moderators in total. Moderators will not give formal presentations but instead set the stage of the discussion and involve all participants for an interactive and constructive debate. For each Part, we will ask several individuals to prepare in advance short statements and questions from the floor to help kick-start the discussion (see details and timeline below).

The main session’s moderator (Peter Major, Hungary) and coordinator (Constance Bommelaer, ISOC) will ensure smooth transition between the different parts of the session and assist moderators in rolling out the session (only if necessary).


Mr. Yashar Hajiyev, Azerbaijan


9:00 – 9:05: Chair’s (Yashar Hajiyev) formal opening

9:05 – 9:10: Constance Bommelaer (ISOC) Introduction, structure of the main session “Taking Stock and The Way Forward”

Part 1: Synthesis of the entire IGF.


• Bertrand de La Chappelle (ICANN)

• Qusai Al Shatti (Kuweit)


- Highlights from the overall Forum. Summary of the discussions and “messages from the IGF”.

- Messages from the “IGF Cloud”: A short presentation of what happened in the cloud (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) will also be made. DiploFoundation (Vladimir Radunovic) will work with IGF fellows and ISOC ambassadors to exploit tags/messages (Note: These messages will be put in perspective, as reflecting personal opinions which can be considered for the final conclusions of the IGF, but not necessarily as constituting agreed messages coming out of each main session).


- 9:10 – 9:35: Bertrand de La Chappelle introduce the discussion and invite other Main Session Moderators to stand up and report on discussions and messages:

1. Emerging Issues (Jeanette Hofmann)

2. Internet Governance for Development (IG4D) (TBD)

3. Access and Diversity (Karen Rose)

4. Security, Openness and Privacy (SOP) (Alejandro Pisanti)

5. Critical Internet Resources (CIR) (William Drake)

6. Messages from remote participation and from the “IGF Cloud” (Vladimir Radunovic)

- 9:35 – 9:55: Qusai Al Shatti invites the floor to present their own takeaways from the IGF, Q&A with all Main Session Moderators

- 9:55 – 10:00: Qusai Al Shatti concludes the “Synthesis of the entire IGF”

Part 2: Discussion on Principles and Frameworks for the IGF.


• Nermine El-Saadany (Egypt)

• Anne Carblanc (OECD)

Issues discussed:

- Discussion on principles and frameworks: to what extend do the recent initiatives to set principles (OECD principles, UNESCO Code of Ethics, CoE, NATO cyber-security, China-Russia-Uzbekistan, Brazil, etc.) lead to harmonized Internet governance principles?

- Can these principles be compiled? What is their impact on the WSIS+10 discussions?

- How can the IGF be used as a platform to discuss these principles, in light of the synthesis of the IGF 2012 (cf. part 1 of the main session “Taking Stock”) (cf. feeder workshops n° 145 and 85)?

- How did IGF workshops address WCIT issues? What topics should future IGFs tackle?


- 10:00 – 10:10: Anne Carblanc introduces the discussion and give a brief overview of the different set of principles

- 10:10 – 10:25: Anne Carblanc invites Wolfgang Kleinwaechter (University of Aarhus) to synthesize the principles and interested stakeholders to comment, e.g. UNESCO (Guy Berger), Brazil (Virgilio Almeida, tbc), Russia (need to identify), the Council of Europe (Elvana Thaci), etc. as well as the floor - Q&A. The discussion may also relate to the Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values or WCIT.

- 10:25 – 10:40: Nermine El-Saadany gives a brief overview of the issues relating to the future of the IGF and its role in addressing IG principles. She invites moderators of workshop feeders, Izumi Aizu (n° 85: Quo Vadis IGF – or Evolution of IGF) and Carlos Alfonso Pereira de Souza (n°145 Threats to multi-stakeholder Internet governance – is it worth protecting?:), to stand up and comment.

- 10:40 – 10:55: Nermine El-Saadany invites the floor to intervene, Q&A

- 10:55 – 11:00: Nermine El-Saadany concludes the discussion on “Principles and Frameworks for the IGF”

Part 3: What is the Way Forward?


• Avri Doria (Civil Society)

• Vint Cerf (Google)

Issues discussed:

- What is “the way forward” for the global Internet community and for the IGF?

- What is the future of the IGF? How to implement the recommendations of the CSTD Working Group on improvements to the IGF? A possible role for the MAG?

- Looking ahead: Possible impact of upcoming ECOSOC and GA meetings on the Internet governance landscape and on the IGF?

- What to expect from WSIS+10?


11:00 – 11:15: Avri Doria and/or (TBD) Vint Cerf, in light of the morning’s discussions, expose their “way forward”

11:15 – 11:35: Avri Doria and/or (TBD) Vint Cerf invite other facilitators (Bertrand de La Chapelle, Qusai Al Shatti, Anne Carblanc and Nermine El-Saadany) to come back and expose their “way forward”

11:35 – 11:55: Avri Doria and/or (TBD) Vint Cerf invite the floor to comment and propose and “way forward”, Q&A

11:55 – 12:00: Avri Doria and/or (TBD) Vint Cerf conclude the discussion on “What is the way forward?”

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