Internet and Climate Change

8 November 2012 - A Dynamic Coalition on Internet Governance for Development in Baku, Azerbaijan


The theme of this year Dynamic Coalition on Internet and Climate Change will be dedicated to Green ICTs for Sustainable Development.
Today’s world faces major challenges crucial for human advancement.
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can play a critical role in stimulating economic activities, advancing social development goals and promoting sustainable development.
With innovations such as smart grids, smart metering, smart billing and electro-mobility, ICTs have brought new ways of managing energy distribution, improving efficiency and savings in all areas of production and consumption, where energy savings are particularly envisaged for the ICT infrastructure.

Tools as mobile communications, videoconferencing, e-government and dematerialization have enabled new ways of working, learning and operating a business, transforming our society.
Revolutionizing business models and behavior, making management of energy distribution more efficient, enabling new ways of working, learning, and providing healthcare, helping countries adapt to climate change and reduce disaster risk, ICTs can be an opportunity for a sustainable and inclusive future.

This session will present ICT Sector’s major achievements and efforts in improving its role as enabler for sustainable change, providing an overview on how green ICTs can help achieve the long-term balance between human advancement and planet’s preservation.