Defining the successful factors of different models for youth participation in Internet Governance

8 November 2012 - A Workshop on Internet Governance for Development in Baku, Azerbaijan


With the introduction of various programs and approaches for Youth Participation in the past IGF workshops, now is the time to evaluate the effectiveness of them and how they have or have not be able to enlightened or created a youth Internet leader. In short, our proposed workshop aims to map out a set of common factors of the successful models from different region by real case sharing and discussion. To develop a guidebook from the collaborative ideas based on the experiences around the world is our ultimate goal. Our focus on the practical sustainability of youth participation sets us apart from other conventional youth engagement workshop.

Proposed Structure of the workshops:
The workshop will mainly be divided into 3 parts which features experience sharing, discussion and implementation plan.

1. Exploring the Impact on Youth themselves from their Participation

To set the start of the session, there will be experience sharing from various organizations. Representatives from those aforementioned youth programs introduced in IGF 2010 or other relevant entities will be invited to share their different models and format of activities for Youth Participation in IG, which includes:
- Training Camp (e.g. YIGF Camp in Asia, IG Summer Camp in Europe)
- Competition (e.g. NetY – Essay Competition)
- Ambassador Programs ( e.g. NetMission Ambassadors Program)
- International Conference Opportunities (e.g. APNG)
Through the case studies, we try to analyze the successful stories on the following aspects:
- Progress of the program/model
- Impact to the Youth Involved, any positive changes?
- Specific examples of youth with active contribution
- Sustainable development of the program/model

2. Looking for the Common Successful and Failing Factors

Following the experience sharing, the panel will be open for discussion which aims to find out the similarities and differences between the various programs and models. This helps to identify some common successful or failing factors for the future references. We will try to find out the answers to the following questions:
- Any common characteristics/backgrounds of the active youth?
- Any common elements of those programs?
- What are the key attractions/rationale for Youth to participate in IG?
- What are the key resources needed?
- Any common challenges faced by youth/organizations?
- What format/activities draw the most interest from youth?

3. Developing the Relevant Materials for Youth Participation

In order to enable more organizations around the world in facilitating youth participation, we hope to develop relevant materials or guidebook. Therefore we will moderate a discussion on how the valuable experiences and collaborative ideas deduced in the workshop be consolidated and shared with the public. We hope to generate suggestions on the implementation plan and inspire post-IGF follow-up work among the workshop participants themselves.