The Arab Internet Governance Forum (Arab IGF): Prospects of Inter and Intra-regional Cooperation on Internet Governance

6 November 2012 - A Other on Enhanced Cooperation in Baku, Azerbaijan


The Arab IGF was established in February 2012 as a result of a multistakeholder consultation under the joint umbrella of UN-ESCWA and the League of Arab States, following several activities within the framework of the two organizations. The Arab IGF aims at putting a platform in place for all stakeholders in the Arab region to openly discuss Internet-related public policy matters, and to exchange best practices, with the objective of reaching a more globalized governance of the Internet, and to promote access, security, stability and development of the Internet.

The first annual meeting of Arab IGF was held in Kuwait 9-11 October 2012, hosted by KITS, with ~300 participants from 18 countries, with seven main sessions and 13 independently-organized workshops. The process included the establishment of an Arab Multistakeholder Advisory Group (AMAG) and the holding of two preparatory meetings, and two consultations to ensure the bottom up preparation.

This workshop will shed some light on the process towards, and the proceedings of, the first Arab IGF, with focus on issues that were identified as top priorities and challenges for the region. The session will also explore means to best integrate the Arab IGF process with other mechanisms globally, regional, and nationally within the Arab states, in order to achieve the full potential of the first official multistakeholder venue in the Arab region