The International Telecommunication Regulations and Internet Governance: multistakeholder perspectives

6 November 2012 - A Workshop on Critical Internet Resources in Baku, Azerbaijan


The International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) are a binding treaty negotiated by the International Telecommunication Union in 1988. A World Conference on International Telecommunication (WCIT) will be convened in Dubai from 3-14 December 2012 to revise the ITRs. Member governments have made many proposals pertaining to such issues as the definition of covered telecommunications services and providers, name and number resources, routing, interconnection, compensation, quality of service, security, standards, and other issues that, if adopted, could impact the Internet and make the ITRs a multilateral form of global Internet governance. A great many Internet stakeholders do not participate in the ITU and do not have access to the documents under discussion. Accordingly, this workshop provides stakeholders an opportunity to openly debate the potential risks and benefits of the Internet-related proposals.

Backgroung Paper:
application/pdf iconInternet Society comment to the WCIT Preparations- February 2012.pdf
Organiser(s) Name:
Media Change and Innovation Division, Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research, University of Zurich, Switzerland
The Internet Society
with the co-sponsorship of:
Association for Progressive Communications
Institute for Internet Policy & Law, Beijing Normal University, China
Oxford Internet Institute

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Submitted Workshop Panelists:

Markus Kummer, Vice President of Public Policy, The Internet Society, Switzerland [confirmed]

Richard Beaird, Senior Deputy United States Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy, Department of State, Government of the United States [confirmed]
Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google, USA [confirmed]

William J. Drake, International Fellow & Lecturer Media Change & Innovation Division, Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research, University of Zurich, Switzerland [confirmed]

Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist, Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), Australia [confirmed]

Alice Munyua, Chair of the Kenya Internet Governance Steering Committee, Ministry of Information and Communications, Government of Kenya [confirmed]

Franklin Silva Netto, Head of the Division for the Information Society, Ministry of External Relations, Government of Brazil [confirmed]

Name of Remote Moderator(s):
Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Chair of ICANN's At Large Committee, France