Operationalizing cybersecurity nationally and trans-nationally

6 November 2012 - A Workshop on Security in Baku, Azerbaijan


This workshop will provide a forum for discussing the ingredients for effective cybersecurity efforts in various entities: companies, Internet infrastructure providers, governments, and collaborative endeavors. There are both operational and strategic or policy measures that provide for the ability to engage in the networked environment in a secure way and to act when needed to prevent, defend against, and mitigate cyber attacks. The workshop will explore the challenges and opportunities for participants in countries at all stages of development, particularly how they can participate in the cybersecurity efforts in their own arenas and in the more global activities where collaboration on cybersecurity efforts are taking place. Where challenges and obstacles exist, the session will explore ways to pursue effective ways for engagement and collaboration that can help remove those obstacles and overcome challenges. For example, the workshop will explore enablers and incentives to promote cooperation on cybersecurity across sectors and borders. Discussion on operational ingredients can include incident response mechanisms (such as computer security incident response teams and network operations centers) and technical exchanges; discussion strategic or policy measures can include collaboration mechanisms such as public-private partnerships and transnational efforts as well as public policy and legal challenges or opportunities. The workshop will include remarks from experts from around the world with significant time for participant interaction and dialogue to ensure a truly informative discussion.

Organiser(s) Name:
Liesyl Franz, Consultant (business)

Previous Workshop(s):

Submitted Workshop Panelists:

Ms. Liesyl Franz, Consultant (USA)
Representatives from governments:
Ms. Jordana Siegel, US Department of Homeland Security (USA)
Mr. Gokhan Evren, Department of ICT, Turkey (EMEA)
Mr. Robert Flaim, US Federal Bureau of Investigation (USA)
Representative(s) from Internet infrastructure provider/technical community:
Mr. Michuki Mwangi, ISOC (Africa)
Mr. Bevil Wooding, PCH (Caribbean)
Representative from global business
Mr. Jeff Brueggeman, AT&T (USA)
Representative from Civil Society
Mr. Kevin Bankston, Center for Democracy and Technology (USA)
Expert(s) on international cybersecurity efforts:
Mr. Andrea Rigoni, Global Cyber Security Center, Italy (Europe)
Ms. Yurie Ito, JP-CERT, Japan (Asia)
Name of Remote Moderator(s):
Mr. Anders Halvorsen, WITSA (USA/Europe)

Name of Remote Moderator(s):
Anders Halvorsen, WITSA