Global Internet Related Public Policies: Is there an Institutional Gap? CTS/FGV

30 September 2011 - A Workshop on Other in Nairobi, Kenya


Paragraph 60 of the Tunis Agenda acknowledges that “there are many cross-cutting international public policy issues that require attention and are not adequately addressed by the current mechanisms”. To fill this gap, the Agenda provides for the establishment of the Internet Governance Forum (paragraph 72) and of a process of Enhanced Cooperation (paragraph 69 and 71).

UN General Assembly resolution on “Information and Communications technologies for Development” (A/RES/65/141), adopted on December 2010, “Further recognizes that the Internet governance-related outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society, namely the process towards enhanced cooperation and the convening of the Internet Governance Forum, are to be pursued by the Secretary-General through two distinct processes, and recognizes that the two processes may be complementary”.

Currently, there are two important discussions related to the framework of the Internet Governance regime. The first one is a process for improving the IGF with aim to link it to the broader dialogue on Internet Governance, as mandated by the UN General Assembly Resolution 65/141. The second is a discussion on the implementation of Enhanced Cooperation, “to enable governments, on an equal footing, to carry out their roles and responsibilities, in international public policy issues pertaining to the Internet”.

Both issues have been discussed separately, usually in different foras, and there have been insufficient efforts to articulate them. Nevertheless, both topics are deeply connected. For instance: a more outcome-oriented IGF is essential to supplement and complement any initiative under Enhanced Cooperation to be put in place in the future.

This artificial compartmentalization creates obstacles to a clear and holistic understanding of the proposals that have been advanced to improve the IG regime. This workshop aims to articulate these two different, but related topics and to shed light on the debate about Enhanced Cooperation.

In the face of the proactive role played by India and Brazil on both discussions, civil society organizations from both countries have joined together to organize this session, with the support and participation of government representatives.

The workshop will gather speakers with different views on the topic, representing several stakeholder groups. Active moderation will ensure a dynamic discussion and encourage interventions from the attendees.

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