Security and Privacy Challenges for New Internet Applications: A Multi-stakeholder Approach

14 November 2007 - A Workshop on Security in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The panel will be organized to highlight actions taken and still required for preventing and protecting children from sexual exploitation through ICTs. Presentations will take a multi-disciplinary approach featuring aspects such as legal frameworks, law enforcement and civil society initiatives, policy responses and corporate sector social responsibility. The presentation on legal initatives will focus on efforts toward harmonization of legal frameworks and national legislation reform in the context of protection of children's rights; Law enforcement initiatives will look at advances in investigation, tracking of abusers and identification of victims of child pornography. Civil society will highlight the growing convergence of internet related sexual crimes against children with other forms of commercial sexual exploitation of children as well as the growing sexual abuse of children that are online. The initiaves of private sector to combat internet related crimes against children will highlight their efforts to protect children. Recommendations to further action for protection of children in the virtual enviornment will be made from all these vantage points.


ECPAT International / CHIS


Ms. Aina Mee Ertzeid , CoE

Ms.Margaret Moran , MP, Chair, Europian Information Society group.

Kelly Burke, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)

John Carr, Head of Children and Technology Unit of NCH

David Butt, Barister in Law, Legal Expert on Child Abuse Imagery, EI Board Secretary

Carmen Madrinan, ECPAT International, Executive Director